Installation Guide

NOTE: Be sure to backup your save data before following either of these guides!

Text Tutorial

  1. Create, download and unzip the seed file generated using the Randomizer section on this website.
  2. Navigate to your Epic Games Kingdom Hearts 3 installation folder, then create the folder ~mods in the following path: \KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks.
  3. Download the most recent GOA + Randomizer pak from the Official GitHub Repository and place it in the folder created in the 2nd step.
  4. Download this UnrealPak tool, extract it and then navigate to this folder.
  5. Drag-and-drop your seed folder (NOTE: Make sure you are dragging the pakchunk99-randomizer-{your-seed-name} folder!) onto the following .bat file: UnrealPak-With-Compression.bat.
  6. Finally, move this newly created .pak file to the ~mods folder you created in the 2nd step. Verify that no other incompatible mods exist within this folder or in your Paks folder.
  7. Launch the game!

Video Tutorial

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