Currently the Online Webapp does not support Enemy Randomization. This feature is only offered on the Latest Offline Client.




Clear Conditions



This is what is used to randomize the items. You can generate a duplicate seed if the same name is used.

World Pools

All of these categories contain Treasures, Events & Bonuses

Miscellaneous Pools

Starting Abilities, Starting Keyblade and Sora's Level Up Rewards.
Randomizes up to and including the limit amount; Replaces the rest.
Abilities found on Armor, Accessories and base Keyblades.
Rewards given to Sora after defeating a Data Battle, like Data Young Xehanort.
Synthesis Items, Photo Mission Rewards and Abilities gained from leveling up Keyblades.
Allows up to the inclusive limit of Important Items.
Abilities gained for a limited amount of time from eating fullcourse meals.
Rewards earned for finding Lucky Emblems.
Randomizes up to and including the limit amount; Replaces the rest.
Rewards earned for max completing a Flan Missions.
Rewards earned for obtaining an A-Rank in a Minigame.
Rewards earned for completing a Battle Portal.

Stat Pools

Stats related to Sora's initial Max Health, Magic and Focus Points.
Stats for Sora's Level Up Attack, Magic, Defense and Ability Points.
Stats related to Attack and Magic Points on Keyblade Level Ups.
Stats for Resistance, Attack, Magic, Defense, and Ability Points on Equipment.
Stats for Max Health, Magic, Attack, Magic and Defense on Food.
Multiplier for EXP that is multiplied to each Enemy's EXP output value.

Enemy & Party Pools

These options may cause the game to be unstable, thus not allowing a seed to be completed.
Randomizes types of Enemies and Mini-Bosses, for instance all Shadows are randomized to Neoshadows.
Randomizes Mid-Bosses and Final Bosses in all Worlds.
Randomizes Party Members in all Worlds, including Keyblade Graveyard.

World & Miscellaneous Exceptions

Allows None to appear in all Pools. For instance, opening a chest may have nothing in it.
Keeps Sora's base abilities from being randomized, like Pole Spin, Dodge, Block, etc.
Keeps Sora's base critical abilities from being randomized, like Critical Converter, Critical Counter, etc.
Keeps Sora's early critical abilities earned from being randomized, like Air Slide, Superslide, etc.
Adds additional movement abilities that overwrite materials in the Pools, like Dodge Roll, Air Slide, etc. - This can cause empty checks.
Attempts to add Magic only in places where a retry will not remove it from Sora's magic pool.
Replaces the reward for getting all High-scores with something marked as replaceable.
Replaces the reward for completing all Little Chef's recipes with something marked as replaceable.
Replaces the reward for finding all Golden Herc statues with something marked as replaceable.
Replaces the reward for collecting 222 and 333 Soras in the Final World with something marked as replaceable.
Replaces the reward for taking pictures of specific enemies, party members or locations.

Stat Exceptions

Allows stats that are 0 or unmodified to be entered into the pool.
Allows a 50% random chance for a stat to become negative.

Enemy & Party Exceptions

Keeps Data Battles from being randomized, like Data Luxord, Data Xion, etc.
Keeps End Game Battles from being randomized, like Master Xehanort, Replica Xehanort, etc.
Keeps Yozora from being encountered outside of his specified battle.
Donald & Goofy will always be in your party.
Each enemy is randomized per entity, as opposed to per type.
Party Members will randomly be assigned on every room change.
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